Easy Christmas paper plate craft you can do with your students today!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I'm always on the lookout for really simple but effective Christmas craft ideas I can do with young students but that look good. I'm somewhat craft-challenged, so need a craft that I can't mess up with students!

These little paper plate craft ideas for Christmas as super cute and really easy to put together.

Santa Face

Step 1: paint a paper plate skin colour of your choice (or you can buy painted paper plates from craft shops to save some time). Trim the paper plate to remove the edges.

Step 2: add the beard

Step 3: add the nose and moustache

Step 4: add eyes and eyebrows (optional)

Step 5: add Santa hat

Pudding Face

Step 1: paint the plate brown and trim the edges

Step 2: place the icing on the top and trim to fit the plate

Step 3: place the eyes, mouth and cheeks on to the face.

Step 4: finish with a piece of ivy and a bow.

All the templates you need to make these two craft projects are available for free for subscribers here (if you'd like to subscribe to access these and other free downloads please click here).

Free Christmas Craft for paper plates that is easy for kinder students to do. Download the templates for santa and pudding here.

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