St Patrick's Day Number Sequencing Freebie for a math activity you will love!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

St Patrick's Day Number Sequencing activities for teachers and students.

There is a reason Foundation Year students need to learn number sequencing. It is not merely learning the sequential order of numbers (although that is important), but it is the building block to algebraic thinking later.

St Patrick's Day free download number sequencing activity cards for teachers and students.

Identifying numbers in a sequence can help students recognise patterns, allowing them to confidently predict the next step in the sequencing. Number puzzles are a great purposeful way for students to understand and predict the next step in the pattern.

St Patrick's Day number sequencing cards free download for teachers and students

Developing number fluency can be a fun activity with any household items too. Popsicle sticks with numbers written on them, rocks or even magnetic numbers can help students to play with sequencing and arranging numbers in order.

St Patrick's Day free download for teachers and students number sequencing activity

What I love about these St Patrick's Day sequencing cards is they make learning fun. My primary aim as a teacher is to keep engagement high and make learning fun. You cannot have one without the other! Bringing seasonal celebrations into your classroom keeps activities interesting.

Print, laminate and cut these cards for a longer lifespan or print them out in black and white and let students stick them down then decorate. Make sure you put them into a small zip-locked bag before giving to students, so they can arrange them themselves. Alternatively, you could enlarge these and do a whole-class activity of sequencing on your whiteboard.

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