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Super Easy Valentine's Day Math Activity

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I'm always a huge fan of meshing crafts with a learning opportunity and this craftivity (yes that's a will help your students demonstrate their learning.

My criteria for any activity is:

- is it fun?

- is it engaging?

- will they be learning (aligned with my curriculum objectives)?

- will it be easy?

This activity meets all those criteria.

Learning to skip count can be tricky for little learners, but this activity requires them to sequence and arrange hearts in the correct order.

Print some hearts on paper (there is a free set available in the freebie library or you can subscribe here to get access) and you can pre-write numbers on them as I have done below or get students to write them. These ones are count in two's but you can set up 2s, 5s or 10s depending on your students' ability.

Valentine's Day craft Free download for teachers

Get students to decorate and then cut out the hearts.

Now get students to lay them across the table in the right order. Get them to buddy with a friend if you have a lot of students, so they can check they are correct. I always pair high with low for this type of activity.

Then you can either string them up around the room (these look super cute across windows in rows) or you could create one huge class bunting with the hearts going all over your room!

They look great, are easy to make, are seasonal and best of all...students get to demonstrate their learning! Win. Win

Tech Teacher Pto3 Valentine's Day craft

If you're looking for more Valentine's Day resources, you can find more in my TpT store here.

Super Easy Valentine's Day Math Activity for early years students. Perfect for teachers to download for free!

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