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Aligned with the Foundation Year Maths Australian Curriculum 9.0, these maths activities will keep your students on-task and engaged throughout their maths lessons. This pack includes hands-on, colourful and fun number activities for your maths centres, lesson plans, teacher checklist, assessment tasks and an editable marking rubric, all aligned closely with ACARA 9.0.



Foundation Year Maths: Number - Addition and Subtraction


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Contained in this pack you will find:


➡️4 lessons aligned with each elaboration:

1. How can we use addition to help us solve problems?

2. How can we use role play to add using money?

3. How do First Nations Australians’ stories use additive situations?

4. What are leaf games?


➡️ 2 PowerPoints you can use as a whole class for an introduction to topics or as revision before the start of each lesson


➡️ 11 different hands-on printable activities you can use to teach each lesson and as reinforcement activities for math centres in subsequent lessons


➡️ Assessment checklist

➡️ Assessment booklet (to use as a formative or summative assessment)

➡️ Editable marking rubric


Please download the preview to see examples of what is included.


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* Please Note: If you are having any trouble saving this large zipped file due to the length of the title or the file size, try saving the file to your desktop and unzipping there first.

Foundation Year Maths Number Addition and Subtraction ACARA 9.0

  • File Info

    1 x PDF (105 pages), 2 x PPT, 1 x PPT editable rubric

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Maths - Number


    represent practical situations involving addition, subtraction and quantification with physical and virtual materials and use counting or subitising strategies

    • using role-play and materials to represent mathematical relationships in stories; for example, "Eight kangaroos were drinking at the river and 3 hopped away"; drawing a picture and using materials to represent the situation, discussing, and recording the result of the action with a numeral
    • role playing or actively engaging in situations that involve quantifying or comparing collections of items or simple money transactions; for example, "Do we have enough scissors for our group so that each person has their own pair?"; role-playing using $1 coins to pay for items in a shop where items are priced in whole dollars
    • representing situations expressed in First Nations Australians' stories, such as "Tiddalick, the greedy frog", that describe additive situations and their connections to Country/Place
    • representing addition and subtraction situations found in leaf games involving sets of objects used to tell stories, such as games from the Warlpiri Peoopes of Yuendumu in the Nothern Territory
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