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Aligned with the Foundation Year Maths Australian Curriculum 9.0, these maths activities will keep your students on-task and engaged throughout their maths lessons. This bundle includes 10 packs with hands-on, colourful and fun activities for your maths centres, lesson plans, teacher observation checklists, assessment tasks and editable marking rubrics, all aligned closely with ACARA 9.0.


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Inside this HUGE bundle, you will find the following Foundation Year ACARA 9.0 product:


Inside this bundle, you will find:

➡️51 lesson plans aligned with each elaboration (so there are no gaps in your curriculum coverage)

➡️24 PowerPoints you can use as a whole class for an introduction to topics or as revision before the start of each lesson

➡️ hundreds of different hands-on printable activities you can use to teach each lesson and as reinforcement activities for math centres in subsequent lessons

➡️ 10 Assessment checklists

➡️ 10 Assessment booklets (to use as a formative or summative assessment)

➡️ 10 Editable marking rubrics


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* Please Note: If you are having any trouble saving this large zipped file due to the length of the title or the file size, try saving the file to your desktop and unzipping there first.

SAVE 30% Foundation Year Maths Bundle ACARA 9.0

  • File Info

    10 x PDFs, 24 x PPTs, 10 x PPT editable rubrics

  • ACARA Alignment


    Foundation Year Maths



    name, represent and order numbers including zero to at least 20, using physical and virtual materials and numerals


    recognise and name the number of objects within a collection up to 5 using subitising


    quantify and compare collections to at least 20 using counting and explain or demonstrate reasoning


    partition and combine collections up to 10 using part-part-whole relationships and subitising to recognise and name the parts


    represent practical situations involving addition, subtraction and quantification with physical and virtual materials and use counting or subitising strategies


    represent practical situations that involve equal sharing and grouping with physical and virtual materials and use counting or subitising strategies




    recognise, copy and continue repeating patterns represented in different ways




    • collect, sort and compare data represented by objects and images in response to given investigative questions that relate to familiar situations




    • Identify and compare attributes of objects and events, including length, capacity, mass and duration, using direct comparisons and communicating reasoning.


    • Sequence days of the week and times of the day including morning, lunchtime, afternoon and night time, and connect them to familiar events and actions.




    • sort, name and create familiar shapes; recognise and describe familiar shapes within objects in the environment, giving reasons


    • describe the position and location of themselves and objects in relation to other people and objects within a familiar space
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