If you're looking for a hands-on way for students to make comparisons in their social studies, then this pack will keep your students engaged with this awesome hands-on resource. This huge resource is no prep and easy to use.


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This easy-to-use, best-selling packet includes:

  • Instructions (suggestions on how to use each of the resources)

  • Venn Diagram – Old, New and No Change

  • Timeline displays in the classroom

  • Timeline cut and paste (includes suggested answer sheet)

  • Old and New Cut and Paste with sorting sheet (includes answer sheet)

  • 8 x Texts and Comprehension Questions: In the Kitchen, In the Classroom, Music Players, Telephones, Lighting, Transport, Washing Dishes, Writing Tools

  • 5 W’s of Historical Questions Flash Card Prompts (Who, What, When, Where and Why)

  • 5 x Writing Sheets (uses the 5w’s) – Quill, Candle, Candlestick Telephone, Gramophone

  • Word Wall (colour images with historical vocabulary)

  • 5 x Colouring Sheets – images from the past

  • Interview a family member (send home sheet – posing questions and written response)

  • Ask a family member (send home sheet- draw and label response)

  • FlipBook

  • Diorama of life in the past

Long Ago and Today / Then and Now Social Studies Activities

  • Electronic Download

    File Type: 1 x PDF

    Number of pages: 43

    Suggested Year Level: Year 1 & Year 2

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